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You are 100% more likely to get a job if you train on a day release from a salon or in a private academy. WHY? because the salons, and our mission, is to educate you to be a fantastic hairdresser of the future. This only happens if you take the academy or private education route as salon and academies are wanting you to grow into an exceptional stylists to stay and work within their/our salons at the end of your NVQ level 2-3. 
1. Benefit from 20 years experience in the hairdressing industry. 
2. Large client base. 
3. Smaller classes to allow for more one-to-one tutoring. 
4. In-salon & work placement training. 
Sam runs the education team as she believes that knowledge should be shared with everyone. Sam teaches NVQ level 2 & 3. She is not only dedicated to teaching NVQ students, she is also passionate about ensuring her students are salon and industry ready within two years. 
...On providing excellent training to any aspiring hairdresser at NVQ Level 2 and Level 3. There are opportunities at all levels from Junior Graduates to Salon Directors who are looking for a career not just a job. 
Broadst. has a talented and creative team of hairdressers that style, cut and colour hair to the highest possible standard. 
Level 2 with us is not just about basics, it’s about putting you on the road to becoming a young stylist very quickly. You will be amazed at  
what you will learn in this first year! 
Advanced hairdressing skills is the key of level 3. You will be ready to hit the salon floor running at the end of your level 3, with a massive 
amount of skills at your fingertips! 
To apply, or for more information, please fill out the below form & someone will get back to you ASAP, 
or contact our educator Charley at the Academy on:Tel: 01275 810845 or Email: 
At the Broad St Academy we are offering you any service carried out by a 2nd year graduate for just £10 each or by a 3rd year graduate for £15 each! 
Don’t think for one minute by coming to the Academy to have a service done by a student for a discounted price it will be any less than perfection! Our students are trained to the highest quality with their hair skills and customer service. 
So come and pick up one of these Academy discount cards and make your appointment today. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll make a huge money saving, whilst helping someone in their hairdressing career! 
Call the Nailsea Academy Salon today 01275 810845